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How can I make the App recognize me as a TangerClub member?

Login to the Tanger Outlets App with your TangerClub email. If you log into the App and your TangerClub information is not visible, contact Customer Support at appsupport@tangeroutlets.com and request that your email be added to your TangerClub profile. Once your email is added, log out of the App and sign back in on a fresh App session. The App should sync up and display your club profile. Your name and club number will display after login when properly sync’d up. If you have any difficulty, use the More menu to call or email appsupport@tangeroutlets.com for further assistance..

How do I set a password to log into the App?

You will be prompted to enter your email address when opening the App. If a password for your email address is not found, the App will prompt you to create a password. If there is a password already saved in your shopper profile, you will be prompted to enter it to login. If you have forgotten your password, use the Forgot Password link to reset your password. A password reset email will be sent to you. Click on the link in that email and enter a password of your choice. Once your password is entered, you will be asked to sign into the App with your email and password. If you have any difficulty, email appsupport@tangeroutlets.com for help.

The App doesn’t recognize my email address or gives an invalid login error message – how do I proceed?

If the email you are using to log into the Tanger App is not in the Tanger shopper database, you will be asked to enter your information to create an account. If you believe this is being asked in error, try to sign in with a different email address that you may have used with us before or contact Customer Support for assistance in reviewing your existing profile information. If you are a TangerClub member do not create a new profile on the App - email your club membership number to Customer Support at appsupport@tangeroutlets.com and request that your email be added to your TangerClub profile. Then proceed with login once your email is added.

How do I submit my purchase receipts for rewards?

Click the camera icon in the top right corner on most App pages to go directly to the upload receipts option. Take a picture of your full receipt along with an image of the receipt top, assuring the store name, location and any customer information is captured. Complete the receipt form and submit for review / approval. Note that your camera has be enabled for App access on your device for the receipt capture feature to function. Click MORE in bottom menu then App Settings to enable camera access if needed.

How long does it take for my receipts to be reviewed and reward points to display?

Receipts are generally reviewed and processed within 48 hours of submission, although it might take a little longer around peak periods such as holiday weekends. You can check the status of your submissions by clicking on Club Receipts from the MORE menu at bottom. PENDING status will display for receipts still under review. Once a green check / APPROVED displays, that receipt value will show in your points in the red bar at top of page as well as in your points total on the REWARDS page for TangerClub members.

Do I have to be a TangerClub member to submit receipts?

No! Anyone can upload receipts but only TangerClub members will receive rewards for purchases. TangerClub is a rewards program just for members, and there’s a $10 one-time fee to join – there are no renewal fees. As a club member, you will have continuous access to the Digital Coupon Book, yearly Birthday Reward, and exclusive TangerClub offers and rewards. Membership is valid at any Tanger location in the US and Canada, and you can click on Rewards or TangerClub in the MORE menu to view the benefits and join. Membership is active right away once registration is complete. If you have receipts logged then join TangerClub later, any purchase receipts from the current calendar year will automatically be available for reward points once membership is purchased.

Where can I access the Digital Coupon Book?

If you are a TangerClub member or have purchased a 90-Day Digital Coupon Book subscription, click on Access Coupon Book link at the top of the MY OUTLET page. If you previously purchased the Digital Coupon Book, be sure to log in with the exact same email address that you used in your order to access your digital book.

What receipts are valid for TangerClub Rewards?

Receipts for the current calendar year from any of the stores at any Tanger Outlets location can be submitted for reward points. Note that club membership is individualized so only your own personal purchases are eligible for reward points. Receipts for Tanger Gift Cards, TangerClub membership, PinkStyle, and any other Tanger promotions are not valid for Rewards points.

Are there more TangerClub Rewards beyond the $2,500 level?

Club members reaching the $2,500 level are automatically awarded Platinum status. Platinum members can earn 1 additional Level 4 $2,500 reward annually. You could see surprise offers throughout the year, so keep recording your receipts even if you have reached the top rewards level.

Why did my reward points change to 0?

TangerClub reward points are calculated on a standard calendar year – 1/1 – 12/31. Reward points reset to 0 on January 1st every year, however any club reward $ earned are valid and remain accessible for 1 year from the date the reward was issued. Reward $ balance can be found on the REWARDS page. For full $ reward details and expiration dates, log in to your TangerClub portal at www.TangerClub.com and select the $ Award on Card option.

How can I save my favorite brands & offers?

You can customize your Tanger App view for quick, easy access to deals and offers from your favorite brands. To save a brand as a favorite, select STORES in the bottom menu. When you see a brand you want to favorite, simply click the heart to show your love! When an offer for this brand is available, the App will automatically display if for you on the DEALS page under YOUR BRANDS.
To save an offer for quick access later, select DEALS from the bottom menu. When you see a deal you want to save, click Add to Your Wallet. When you are ready to shop, simply click the red wallet icon on most pages or select MORE and tap My Wallet to view your saved offers.

How do I log out?

Select MORE on the bottom menu and then choose Logout. The App will require your login upon reentry, but all your favorites will still be saved. Sometimes it’s helpful to log out and log in again if you are having difficulty accessing any features as login will force an App refresh.

How do I contact Customer Support?

You can reach Tanger online Customer Support through the App by going to the MORE menu and clicking the Email or Phone icons or through the contact links below. You can find in person support by visiting Shopper Services at the Tanger Outlets nearest you during standard store operating hours.

Online Customer Support Hours:
Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm (EST)
Phone: (336) 856-6100
Email: appsupport@tangeroutlets.com

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